BergerDoge Coin ($BergerDoge) is a decentralized, community-focused cryptocurrency with daily super value rewards.

"Why should I own BergerDoge Coin (BergerDoge) ?"

Get a chance to own a great prize of millions of USDT when buying and holding BergerDoge Coin ($BergerDoge)

Spend 8% (4% Buy, 4% Sell) as a reward to give back to the community
The #BergerDoge smartcontract has been fully audited and team has been Kyced by leading company
1% transaction fee to the prize fund, randomly selected winners every 2 days
Berger Doge is fully decentralized and owned by its fun, vibrant community

Total Supply: 420,000,000,000,000,000


Phase 1

Phase Complete


  • Marketing push to spread awareness
  • Website Launch
  • Create Community channel
  • Meme development
  • Berger Doge is Born!

Phase 2

In progress


  • Random lottery rewards every 2 days
  • Listing on CoinGecko
  • Listing on Coinmarketcap
  • 5,000 holders
  • Professional marketing campaigns (press releases, twitter influencers, youtube, tiktok and more)
  • Trending CMC, CGC,, Dextools
  • CEX Listing

Phase 3

In progress


  • 100,000 holders
  • Marketing on popular Reddit Crypto channels
  • Marketing on famous Crypto Fanpages
  • Marketing on famous Crypto Tiktok Channels
  • Marketing on popular crypto Youtube channels
  • Marketing on Crypto Twitter Influencer
  • Marketing on crypto Telegram channels and groups
  • Marketing advertising channels about Crypto
  • Contact advertising with crypto KOLs of many countries around the world
  • Place banner ads in major cities in many countries
  • Audit Certik
  • Listing more 10 CEX

Phase 4

In progress

Utility and More

  • Press Releases on Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance
  • Press Releases on AP,MarketWatch, GlobalNewsWire
  • Press Releases on Coinpress, The Times News
  • Press release on over 400 other newspaper pages
  • CZ tweet
  • Elomusk Tweet
  • List more 3 BIG CEX
  • Release NFT collection
  • $500k total donations to dog shelters
  • 1.000,000 holders